EarPeace Concert Ear Plugs

About this item

  • Enhanced Experience – Each filter delivers exceptional sound quality while lowering harmful noise to protect your ears. Hear and communicate clearly.
  • Comfortable & Discreet – Ultra-soft, hypoallergenic, reusable silicone plugs designed to be worn for hours without discomfort. Nearly invisible in your ear.
  • Everyday Carry – Be ready for anything. Perfect for any loud environment such as concerts, festivals, bars, sporting events, travel, and commuting. Helps reduce noise sensitivity and provides peace and quiet for studying, focusing, and meditation.
  • What’s Included – Aluminum case. 3 filter sets in Medium, High, and Max for noise reduction up to 26dB. 3 silicone earplugs in your choice of Small or Standard size. Standard size plugs fit 80% of men, women, and teens. Small size plugs are recommended if you’ve had previous issues keeping earplugs or earbuds in your ear.
  • Trusted by NPR Music, Metallica, Phish, Red Bull, Berklee College of Music, Lollapalooza, Zildjian, Ultra, 9:30 Club, and more.

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