Magicshine Enduro MTB Bike Lights Set, MJ-900 Helmet Light


  • Magicshine Enduro MTB bike light combo ★ Monteer 6500 handlebar light with MJ-900 helmet light (o-ring helmet mount included)
  • 1200 LUMEN MAX OUTPUT MAGICSHINE BICYCLE LIGHT ★ The Magicshine Light MJ-900 is the successor to the MJ-808E. Super small bicycle light but offers a respectable 1200 lumens of Max theoretical output. Versatile on city streets, roads, even mountain trails as a super bright, convenient LED bike light.
  • 2.5 HOUR RUN TIME BIKE LIGHT RECHARGEABLE; RELIABLE VISIBILITY ★ The standard 2.6Ah 7.4V battery gives a max run time of 2.6 hours on 100% output. All Magicshine batteries uses tested, high grade cells, with over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit protection meaning you can be sure that your Magicshine battery is built to the highest specifications and is safe to use and charge.
  • Max 6500 Lumens of Actual Output Bike Front Light for Mountain Biking ★ 5000 lumens of flood light from 3x CREE XHP50.2 on top and 1500 lumens of spot light from 2x CREE XM-L2 LEDs on the bottom. Two groups of LEDs can be activated separately or together. 5 lighting modes with 1 flash and 4 brightness settings at 100% 50% 25% and 10%
  • 10.5Ah Super High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack ★ 6x 3500mAh Li-ion cells with elevated power output rate. Max burntime under full 6500 lumens is measured at 1.2 to 1.5 hours. At the lowest 10% output you can expect more than 10 hours of runtime. Note other compatible batteries from Magicshine will not allow Monteer 6500 to hit max brightness.

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