Magicshine Extreme MTB Enduro LED Bicycle Lights

Key Features

  • MOUNTAIN BIKE HEADLIGHT + HELMET LIGHT ★ The Magicshine 906 bar light has an theoretical max output of 5000 lumens. Comes with 6058 helmet strap for MJ-900, 1200 Max lumen headlamp.
  • 5 WORKING MODES FOR VERSATILITY ★ Beam pattern for the MJ-906 and MJ-900 led light for bike is 20 degrees. Rechargeable bike lights feature option to turn the power down using 4 power modes: 100%, 50%, 30%, as well as a flashing mode feature, giving you the versatility to choose the most efficient lighting for the ride conditions.
  • HIGH QUALITY BATTERY PACKS ★ Both battery packs are USB rechargeable and is also capable of charging your mobile devices. The 2.6Ah and 7.0Ah capacity packs provide abou 2 hours of runtime under max brightness for MJ-900 & 906. Magicshine only uses tested high grade battery cells with over-charge, over-discharge protection chips ensuring performance and safety for our riders.
  • FREE REAR LIGHT AND REMOTE CONTROL ★ A free red LED taillight comes free with this package, it's super small, light weight and offers several flash modes. Remote control for the bar light is also included.
  • ★★ When not in use, the remote causes the light to continuously draw small amounts of power from the battery pack, this process will drain a fully charged battery in 1-2 weeks. Therefore we recommend disconnecting the light from its battery after each ride.

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