Sol Living Yoga Block High-Density EVA Foam Brick NON-SLIP SURFACE FOR STABILITY


  • IMPROVE EXERCISE FORM FOR SAFER WORKOUTS - Use to shorten the range of motion, establish correct posture and alignment, provide additional support, promote flexibility; helps beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi achieve more challenging poses
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE FOR STABILITY, BEVELED EDGES FOR COMFORT - A latex-free non-slip gripping surface makes stretching easy; providing balance and stability for your poses; It won't slip even during the sweatiest hot yoga sessions
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT FOR PORTABILITY - Lightweight design is easy to transport; use it in your home yoga studio workouts, or carry it outdoors for your in-nature sessions; compact size allows you to throw it in your gym bag for easy carry
  • FOR HANDS, FEET OR AS A SEAT - Stretch feels too tight? This block is ideal for modifying poses to suit your flexibility levels...add a block of two under your hands or feet to adjust the difficulty; also supports the lotus position during meditation
  • DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING EVA FOAM - This exercise block is made from high-density EVA Foam; its tough construction is great for heavy, extended use; withstands wear and tear; long-lasting and is sure to level up your workouts for a long time to come

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