WDNMD Bicycle Light LED Bicycle Headlight, Front Bike Light 1800


  • NO BLIND SPOT ILLUMINATION: The upward light of BC30 is refracted and then directed to the ground to form an auxiliary spot to illuminate the front of the wheel that is difficult for ordinary lights.
  • LARGE FLOODLIGHT: Thanks to the efficient gold reflective lens design, the BC30 brings a large flood of light and a wider field of view.
  • DOUBLE SPOT OPTICAL SYSTEM: taking into account the near and far illumination BC30, the illuminating light is refracted by the lens, forming an auxiliary near-light spot downward, illuminating the front part of the wheel that is connected to the running light, taking into account the far and near illumination
  • WIRE-CONTROLLED ONE-BUTTON BRIGHT FUNCTION: The BC30 uses a convenient one-button bright line control function to cope with complex road conditions or unexpected situations. When the lights are on or off, tap the remote control to enter the highest brightness, and release to return to the current position.
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